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A person is guilty of drunk driving when he or she drives or is in actual physical control of a motor vehicle and is under the influence of alcoholic beverages or any chemical or controlled substance to the extent that his or her mental faculties are impaired or when his or her blood alcohol level (BAC) is above the legal limit for the state.

All offenses that involve the operation of a vehicle (whether the vehicle is land-borne or water-borne) while intoxicated are criminal law matters, which could potentially incur a felony conviction and possibly a prison sentence, depending on how serious the charges are. 

Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense, you should contact DUI attorneys, Robert DeLuca & Associates, LLC, immediately if you are arrested in Havertown, Pennsylvania.


A DUI lawyer at our firm can assist you in fighting your criminal charges for DUI. Let us fight for your rights on the road. Don’t go into court alone, have a DWI/DUI lawyer by your side.

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Facing DUI & DWI, charges are very serious and have long-term consequences. Robert DeLuca & Associates, LLC are dedicated to ensuring client’s rights are protected and that a favorable outcome can be achieved.


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